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Young­me Moon who is the Don­ald K. Dav­id Pro­fess­or of Busi­ness Admin­is­tra­tion and Seni­or Asso­ci­ate Dean at Har­vard Busi­ness School has com­piled an “anti-cre­ativ­ity check­list” that gave me a total flash back to my earli­er employ­er. I believe I heard at least 80% of her sen­tences. Num­bers 1–4 relate to col­leagues which make them less rel­ev­ant. Most of my col­leagues were just as frus­trated as I was. Num­ber 11 is about under­es­tim­at­ing your cus­tom­ers – They’re not ready for that, or That’s not what they’re ask­ing for – I heard that just too often.
Please enjoy the video!


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