Sports beat Paper!

63 x served & 13 x viewed

Paper industry has lost almost its entire glow, the recent reces­sion almost wip­ing out any remain­ing aura. Earli­er on, even vis­it­ing groups of stu­dents were treated with good food and drink. Nowadays, they are often not even wel­come since there are no resources to receive vis­it­ing groups, and if they are allowed on, a cup of cof­fee and a dry bis­cuit is enough.
Recently, Amer Sports (own­er of Salomon, Wilson, Atom­ic) were proud to announce to new exec­ut­ives that they recruited from Stora Enso. Sports is today obvi­ously much more attract­ive than paper.

Jussi Siitonen appoin­ted Amer Sports Seni­or Vice Pres­id­ent, Fin­ance

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