My name is Petter Kolseth and I’m a Future Strategist!

My company has the somewhat strange name nsieme consulting. The Italian word insieme has the meaning together, as in together with my customer.

I worked earlier on for many years as a researcher in paper and print. First at the Swedish Pulp and Paper Research Institute – now Innventia, and later for the Stora Enso paper company. My work at Stora Enso gradually became focused on how ink on paper is being influenced by new digital media. When Stora Enso closed its Research Centre in Falun, it felt natural for me to engage in trend tracking and scenario analysis. So I took a course at Kairos Future to become a future strategist.

My task as a future strategist is to guide my client through a process, where the client is doing as much work as I in a series of workshops on trend tracking, scenario analysis, and strategy development. My contribution also includes an account of the results of each workshop, and pushing the process forward between workshops.

I’m also gladly giving inspirational presentations on what’s going on around us, especially within graphic communications and digital media, where the development is virtually exploding. What I presented a year ago has already at least in part become outdated.

You may contact me via e-mail at

Shirokko CD store

Good CD stores were my passion. The picture shows me checking out music at the Shirokko shop in München. It is next door to my favourite hangout Bar Centrale… I have included a video here.

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