Johnny kicks ass at last day on the job…

Johnny Johnsson

107 x served & 28 x viewed

Johnny Johns­son was cel­eb­rat­ing his last day at work with a three-hour present­a­tion of his achieve­ments as com­pany doc­tor at Stora Enso Fors over a peri­od of more than 20 years. Dur­ing the first 10 years, Fors became the health­i­est com­pany in Sweden. In 2004, he was presen­ted with a medal by the Swedish king His Majesty Carl XVI Gust­af.
His impres­sion of the recent devel­op­ment in the Stora Enso group was how­ever less than pos­it­ive. Cent­ral­isa­tion and efforts to cre­ate a glob­al iden­tity have cre­ated anonym­ity. End­less reor­gan­isa­tions, rigid com­pany dir­ect­ives, shared ser­vice centres, out­sourcing (Ban­galore!) and cent­ral­ised soft­ware sys­tems (SAP) have rein­forced this neg­at­ive devel­op­ment. Only by devel­op­ing a loc­al iden­tity in a glob­al con­text can a pos­it­ive com­pany cul­ture be estab­lished.

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  1. Juhito says:

    So fam­il­ar, my past 5 years at the com­pany. I was think­ing the Pet­ter times to come, but enough is enough…

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