Crowd-Accelerated Innovation

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Chris Ander­son taught me a new concept: Crowd-Accel­er­ated Innov­a­tion.
Three thing are needed for this:

  • a (big) crowd,
  • light (open vis­ib­il­ity)
  • and desire.
  • This is most eas­ily achieved by util­ising web video such as You­Tube, where it is pos­sible to real­ise glob­al innov­a­tion. It is how­ever my strong belief that the concept of crowd-accel­er­ated innov­a­tion is applic­able also to smal­ler groups such as com­pan­ies, uni­ver­sit­ies and oth­er organ­isa­tions. There are sev­er­al reas­ons against open­ness in many organ­isa­tions; it may be fear (don’t upset the boss — I might lose my bonus), per­son­al power (my know­ledge gives me my pos­i­tion) or many oth­er reas­ons. Real innov­a­tion is so much easi­er achieved in a truly open cli­mate.

    Watch Chris Anderson’s TED talk here:

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