Innovation is not a big issue in the paper industry

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RISI recently published their list of the top 50 movers and shakers of the paper industry. The list comprises the usual suspects, but also a few amusing surprises. No. 5 on the list is Steve Jobs, since Apple's products have changed consumer behavior faster than any other. The only innovator from within the paper industry is Mikael Lindström of Innventia at No. 42.

If there is one thing the pulp and paper industry needs in the 21st century, it is innovation. It must find new ways and new products to make - not just simply turning pulp into the commodity of paper.
Fortunately there are some very able and creative brains on the case. One of them is Mikael Lindström, adjunct professor, and research manager at Sweden's Innventia, a research institute working for the pulp, paper and packaging industries. Since 1998, Lindström has been the senior research manager, for the New Materials and Composites division as well as a "principal investigator" for biomimetic fiber engineering.
Lindström has developed a concept for integrated materials - Hierarchic Design - using pulp as one of the major ingredients which has been presented both at scientific conferences and twice during the prestigious Design Week in Milan. This included market pulp producer Södra's Parupu children's chair and a designer lamp, both made out of DuraPulp. The lamp has very recently won Sweden's biggest and most prestigious design prize, Design S. The bi-annual award is granted by the Swedish Design Association.
Mikael Lindström, Innventia innovator

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