What is innovativeness?

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I asked Rolf Jensen (of Dream Com­pany):

What do we actu­ally mean with INNOVATIVENESS?
Can it at all be meas­ured?
What does it take to define a per­son, a group, a com­pany or a region (city/country) as truly innov­at­ive?

Rolf Jensen answered:

Dear Pet­ter Kolseth,
Innov­a­tion is used in a lot of ways, I do not believe we can meas­ure it. To me an innov­at­ive person/company is one that can put togeth­er things or ideas – that oth­er people haven’t thought about. My favour­ite quote just now is this: “Unless, there is a con­sensus that it is non­sense what you are doing, it is not a break­through” (by Burt Rutan, the guy with Space­Shi­pOne)

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