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111 x served & 20 x viewedExper­i­ence is what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted. Randy Pausch told us so in his now super-fam­ous Last Lec­ture: Achiev­ing Your Child­hood Dreams that has now had more than 14 mil­lion views on You­Tube. This even exceeds the 12,5 mil­lion...

Life-long learning

Lifelong learning word cloud

Our ways of learn­ing are chan­ging, but it seems that not every­one is aware. Douglas Thomas and John Seely Brown describe in their new book A New Cul­ture of Learn­ing: Cul­tiv­at­ing the Ima­gin­a­tion for a World of Con­stant Change, how a new type of learn­ing takes place without books, teach­ers and classrooms.

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