This is Important!

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Clay Shirky at the TED offices, January 2012

This is Important!

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Clay Shirky explains the real prob­lem with the SOPA/PIPA bill that the US Con­gress is about to make into a legis­la­tion that threatens to close down the Inter­net. At the TED offices, Shirky deliv­ers a prop­er mani­festo – a call to defend our free­dom to cre­ate, dis­cuss, link and share, rather than pass­ively con­sume.

It may seem that this is a US only prob­lem, but it actu­ally is dir­ec­ted against the Inter­net glob­ally.
Please watch the whole video and act!

If you’re on an iOS gad­get you may click this link to watch the video.

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