Marketing and Social Media Trends

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In his blog on influ­en­tial mar­ket­ing, Rohit Bhar­gava who works at Ogilvy has lis­ted 15 social media trends that are chan­ging the world of mar­ket­ing.
I espe­cially favour his No. 1 Likeo­nom­ics that shows how a Like by the right per­son on a Face­book page may mean more than a major cam­paign in print.
His No. 5 Rise of Cur­a­tion is anoth­er favour­ite, with examples like paper​.li and the iPad apps Flip­board and Zite.
No. 9 Appi­fic­a­tion of the Web is yet anoth­er inter­est­ing aspect, also described by Chris Ander­son and Michael Wolff in their Wired art­icle The Web Is Dead. Long Live the Inter­net.
You can watch Rohit’s present­a­tion here and judge for your­self.


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