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No more bowling…

Ninni Lindertz, Senior Marketing Strategist at Facebook Nordic, gave an inspirational talk at the “Guldägget inspirerar” event. Ninni put forward bowling as an example of how marketing used to be done. Taking a full-size bowling ball and trying to strike down as many pins as possible in one go. In a world of Social Media, bowling is not a preferred strategy. She mentioned Nike’s Write the future ad that first appeared on their Facebook page. Not being the official sponsor, one might still say that Nike won the branding championship. According to Business Week, Nike’s chief marketing officer Davide Grasso has stated that Facebook “is the equivalent for us to what TV was for marketers back in the 1960s.” The takeaway is that marketers should no longer try bowling, but going social by design. A working metaphor would be to play the pinball game.

För svenska läsare finns Ninnis presentation på Vimeo.

Social media presence?

Why do companies chose to set up a presence in social media? It makes much sense to find B2C companies on Facebook and Twitter, but what about B2B? Stora Enso has chosen to follow no one and has tweeted only 29 times to its 532 followers. What’s the purpose with a twitter account that looks like this?

Stora Enso twitter

Victory of “Dead-Tree” Communication

According to a recent report in Knowledge@Wharton, marketing in print is so much more effective than in digital media. Actually, it is the print that drives the traffic to the web sites! The findings were supported by several comments to the article.

The report was also referred to in the Print CEO Blog, again with a supportive comment about the positive effect of combining blogging and print advertising.