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Clever usage of Mag+

FORM Magazines

324 x served & 66 x viewedI have had the priv­ilege of super­vising two clev­er stu­dents on a thes­is for the Bach­el­or Degree in Graph­ic Arts Tech­no­logy at the Dalarna Uni­ver­sity. The pair of them, Kim Car­los Rehn and Agnes Forsell have addressed the top­ic Advert­ising in digit­al magazines: Place­ment and design of ads in […]

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No more bowling…

365 x served & 73 x viewed­Ninni Lindertz, Seni­or Mar­ket­ing Strategist at Face­book Nor­d­ic, gave an inspir­a­tion­al talk at the “Guldäg­get inspirerar” event. Ninni put for­ward bowl­ing as an example of how mar­ket­ing used to be done. Tak­ing a full-size bowl­ing ball and try­ing to strike down as many pins as pos­sible in one go. […]

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What counts?

114 x served & 23 x viewedMath is a real chal­lenge for many. Admit­tedly, cal­cu­lus takes some train­ing, but simple tasks such as addi­tion and sub­trac­tion may ocas­sion­ally be just too much. Per­cent­ages are anoth­er major obstacle. I meet almost daily state­ments that you can save as much as 5%,...

Stuff that doesn’t work – yet

176 x served & 66 x viewedI just remembered a really inspir­ing talk at Guldäggs­dagarna 2010. This was almost a year ago, but I believe it is still well worth shar­ing. Click image to play video. Faris Yakob was Chief Tech­no­logy Strategist of McCann Erikson in New York, and is...