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Clever usage of Mag+

FORM Magazines

277 x served & 48 x viewedI have had the privilege of supervising two clever students on a thesis for the Bachelor Degree in Graphic Arts Technology at the Dalarna University. The pair of them, Kim Carlos Rehn and Agnes Forsell have addressed the topic Advertising in digital magazines: Placement and design of ads in […]

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No more bowling…

314 x served & 55 x viewedNinni Lindertz, Senior Marketing Strategist at Facebook Nordic, gave an inspirational talk at the “Guldägget inspirerar” event. Ninni put forward bowling as an example of how marketing used to be done. Taking a full-size bowling ball and trying to strike down as many pins as possible in one go. […]

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What counts?

85 x served & 18 x viewedMath is a real challenge for many. Admittedly, calculus takes some training, but simple tasks such as addition and subtraction may ocassionally be just too much. Percentages are another major obstacle. I meet almost daily statements that you can save as much as 5%,...

Stuff that doesn’t work – yet

146 x served & 55 x viewedI just remembered a really inspiring talk at Guldäggsdagarna 2010. This was almost a year ago, but I believe it is still well worth sharing. Click image to play video. Faris Yakob was Chief Technology Strategist of McCann Erikson in New York, and is...